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Oka Family Farms

Estate Coffee

Estate Coffee

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Estate Coffee is our family's classic Kona roast which we individually select for roasting each to its own level of flavorful-richness and aromatic perfection. This is a complex fusion of our finest estate beans. Sixty percent of our farm produces this therefore it is the most economical to our coffee lovers.

Our Premium Coffee is roasted three ways:

Medium Roast is also known as “American Roast”. This bean is roasted to a medium light brown and is the traditional roast for the Eastern U.S.. This roast has the most caffeine. Medium roast is lighter-bodied, higher acidity and no obvious roast flavor.

Medium-Dark Roast is also known as “City Roast” which is a medium-dark brown with occasional oil sheen and is good for varietal character and bittersweet flavors. This is somewhat spicy with a heavier body/mouth feel. Aroma and roast flavors are evident.

Dark Roast known as “French Roast” is roasted to be shiny with oil, smokey-sweet undertones and diminished acidity. It is light bodied but quite intense. It is a popular roast for expresso blends andhas the least amount of caffeine.

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